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July 29, 2007

Not Quite a Lifestyle Block

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(Quick! While everthing seems to be working!)

If you’ve noticed my comment on the previous post then you’ll already know that we’re planning a move into land ownership! It’s still not set, but looking very, very positive.

It’s happened really fast too. My husband and I had pretty much abandoned all hope of owning our own home ever and that’s been a source of depression and stress for a long while. Now, if this goes ahead, we’ll be moving about 20 km north, onto a different train line and away from the friends I’ve slowly accumulated over the last two years (and I make friends slowly). I won’t be able to send my children to the school I’d set my heart on either – the school which many of their Playcentre friends are going to go to. I love the community here so much. But I’ve been aware for several months now that we cannot afford to buy anything here, and even renting a larger house (3 bedrooms) in this area is now out of our reach.

Moving away from my friends is sad but I’m still going to see them. And by moving north we’ll be within walking distance of my parents’ house. Which is a great bonus since most of our weekend driving is taking the boys to see their grandparents. That’s the first great thing about this house – it’s within walking distance to pretty much everything a young family needs: supermarkets, farmers’ market, library, pool, playground, train station (so we can still go into the city), Playcentre, primary schools and so on.

The second really great thing about this house is that it has a huge section which has previously been the site of some pretty serious gardening. It has several established fruit trees (an apple, two plums, a peach and a couple of lemons), kiwifruit growing wild, and overgrown vegetable beds needing just a little attention before I plant stuff. There’s even a bean frame just waiting for me! It’s also terraced which will provide two active children plenty of climbing challenges, there’s heaps of room to build huts and tree houses, and I could even fit some chickens in there (this is in the alternate universe where my husband will agree to livestock ;>).

So now I’m making big plans and lists in my head – what to plant, where to plant it, what tools I’ll need to buy (eventually! I’m planning on borrowing stuff for a while to see what I really need to have). However, the problem with being excited about gardening again is that I can’t resist the glossy magazines in the supermarket. Bugger. I came home today with another New Zealand Gardener and one I hadn’t seen before: New Zealand Lifestyle Block. Even though my husband has pointed out that although the new house has much bigger section compared to here, it’s nowhere near that size…

Edited to add: Of course, the next important question to resolve is: where do I put my herb spiral?



  1. Anoushka, I’m so excited for you! Sad to hear you’ll be leaving your friends and networks – but sounds like you’ve got some great things ahead for you. Hope it all goes through for you. I also saw that magazine on Saturday at the bookshop, but just did a stand and read for 15mins instead lol.

    Comment by Nikki — July 29, 2007 @ 6:39 pm

  2. Let’s not jinx it, we got to see if it all comes through. I have one volunteer to help us shift already though.

    Comment by Husband — July 30, 2007 @ 1:11 pm

  3. Oh that’s exciting! – Ha I read that copy of Lifestyle block at the magazine shop too! I’m trying to guess where the land might be now, hmmm.

    Comment by Helen / rag_grrl — July 30, 2007 @ 10:01 pm

  4. Wow, that herb spiral is so cool! The only growing we’re doing at the moment are some beans in the windows of our kitchen. It’s so exciting – we have a couple of shoots. It’s really to show the boys how things grow from seed, but I’m happy to see them take off, too : )

    Comment by rachel — August 5, 2007 @ 3:16 pm

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